DC Tape Clips

DC Tape Clips

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These are used to secures copper tape to the building the taps fits into the clip and is secures by two screws. The clip has a hole in the base for fixing to the building with a screw and plug.

Material: Gunmetal, Brass & Aluminium.

AT-DTC-20-3 20 x 3
AT-DTC-25-3 25 x 3
AT-DTC-25-6 25 x 6
AT-DTC-31-3 31 x 3
AT-DTC-31-6 31 x 6
AT-DTC-38-3 38 x 3
AT-DTC-38-6 38 x 6
AT-DTC-50-3 50 x 3
AT-DTC-50-6 50 x 6

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