Solid Copper Earth Rods (Externally Threaded)

Solid Copper Earth Rods (Externally Threaded)

Solid copper earth rods are a type of earthing accessory with external threads, employed in environments with extreme soil conditions, like high salt or moisture content, which necessitate exceptional corrosion resistance and prolonged rod lifespan. These earth rods are constructed from copper with high conductivity, and the external threads are formed using the roll threading method to guarantee the durability and robustness of the product.

earthing-solid-copper-earth-rods-Solid Copper Earth Rods (Externally Threaded)

For use where extreme soil condition such as high salt or moisture content demands high corrosion resistance and exceptionally long life of rods. Solid Copper Earth Rods are made from high conductivity hard drawn copper to BS2874 C101. Threads are formed by roll threading process to ensure extra strength and avoid the risk of chipping while driving the rods in the ground.

Material: Copper

AT-SC-12.7-1.2 12.7 1200 8 mm
AT-SC-12.7-1.5 12.7 1500 8 mm
AT-SC-12.7-1.8 12.7 1800 8 mm
AT-SC-12.7-2.4 12.7 2400 8 mm
AT-SC-12.7-3.0 12.7 3000 8 mm
AT-SC-14.2-1.2 14.2 1200 10 mm
AT-SC-14.2-1.5 14.2 1500 10 mm
AT-SC-14.2-1.8 14.2 1800 10 mm
AT-SC-14.2-2.4 14.2 2400 10 mm
AT-SC-14.2-3.0 14.2 3000 10 mm
AT-SC-17.2-1.2 17.2 1200 10 mm
AT-SC-17.2-1.5 17.2 1500 10 mm
AT-SC-17.2-1.8 17.2 1800 10 mm
AT-SC-17.2-2.4 17.2 2400 10 mm
AT-SC-17.2-3.0 17.2 3000 10 mm

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