Hot Dip Galvanised Steel Earth Rod

Hot Dip Galvanised Steel Earth Rod

Hot dip galvanised steel earth rods, along with cable joints and earthing bars are commonly used in electrical grounding systems to provide a safe path for the dissipation of electrical faults and lightning strikes. Hot dip galvanised steel earth rod is a cost-effective method of earthing that is made of high-strength low-carbon steel.

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As a cost effective option for earthing, Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Earth Rods which are made of high strength low carbon steel. These are hot dip galvanized to Bs729.

Material: MS

AT-HD-12-1.2 12 1200 Unthreaded
AT-HD-12-1.5 12 1500 Unthreaded
AT-HD-12-1.8 12 1800 Unthreaded
AT-HD-12-2.4 12 2400 Unthreaded
AT-HD-12-3.0 12 3000 Unthreaded
AT-HD-14-1.2 14 1200 Unthreaded
AT-HD-14-1.5 14 1500 Unthreaded
AT-HD-14-1.8 14 1800 Unthreaded
AT-HD-14-2.4 14 2400 Unthreaded
AT-HD-14-3.0 14 3000 Unthreaded
AT-HD-16-1.2 16 1200 Unthreaded
AT-HD-16-1.5 16 1500 Unthreaded
AT-HD-16-1.8 16 1800 Unthreaded
AT-HD-16-2.4 16 2400 Unthreaded
AT-HD-16-3.0 16 3000 Unthreaded
AT-HD-20-1.2 20 1200 Unthreaded
AT-HD-20-1.5 20 1500 Unthreaded
AT-HD-20-1.8 20 1800 Unthreaded
AT-HD-20-2.4 20 2400 Unthreaded
AT-HD-20-3.0 20 3000 Unthreaded

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